We're excited to let you know...
Tue, Sep 11 4:25pm
Meadowbrook Farms School

The PTG is thrilled to give you a "sneak peek" into Meadowbrook's new and improved blacktop! Over the weekend, the area was transformed into an amazing space to play hopscotch, tic tac toe, 4 square, do agility activities and more.  Each class also received some new 4-square balls and beanbags to play the games. 


Funding for this project came from our BOKS enrichment program proceeds last year. BOKS is a before school physical activity program to get kids moving, learn new exercises and work together in physical play. Since it is sponsored by Reebok and run by parent volunteers, we're able to allocate the small registration fee towards wellness related initiatives at school.  Look out for more info on BOKS registration later this week! 


The weekend rain unfortunately slowed down painting progress so there are still finishing touches to be made. The side blacktop will also be painted with more games and activities once the weather this week clears. 


This is such an exciting enhancement to our school and will provide a great play space (and fun!) for years to come.