Holiday Shoppe - Day 1 (Schedule in notes)
Tue, Dec 6
Merchantville School
1 day before, 4 days before

It's that time of year again!  Holiday Shoppe gives the students an opportunity to purchase holiday presents for family and friends.  Children who have money on the specified dates will be brought down according to the schedule set by the school to do their holiday shopping!  The following classes are attending the Holiday Shoppe on this day:


First Period - Ms. Brooks Math (Grade 8)

First Period - Mrs. Wurster & Mrs. Fiordaliso (AM Pre-K)

Second Period - Ms. Tsypenyuk's Math and Mr. Korn's Math (Grade 8)

Third Period - Mrs. Batterman's Homeroom

Fourth Period - Mrs. Nemerofsky's Science Class (Mr. Shearer Homeroom)

Fifth Period - Ms. Brooks Math (Grade 6)

Sixth Period - Mrs. Huber's Homeroom and 3rd Grade from Mrs. Lord

Seventh Period - Ms. Brooks Math (Grade 7)

Eighth Period - Mrs. Fields' Homeroom

Ninth Period - Mrs. Gandy's Homeroom

Ninth Period - Mrs. Wurster's PM Pre-K