Science Expo - Theme Ideas and Committee Info!
Wed, Feb 7 1:09pm

Merchantville School Parents, Family, and Friends:

The 2018 Science Expo is approaching and we want to hear YOUR ideas!

    Please consider helping out with the Science Expo Committee if you LOVE Science as much as we do!

    In the past years, we have done Science Project Fairs, STEAM demonstrations, Rube Goldberg Challenges, and more.  However, we are always looking to shake things up and try something new!

    Just to show you that the possibilities are endless, here’s some ideas we’ve heard so far:

  • Rollercoaster Design Challenge
  • Build your own Mini Golf Hole
  • Astronomy Demonstrations
  • Forensics Exercises

If you love any of these ideas, or have a great idea of your own, join the team!

As always, our fabulous PTA events take a team to execute well! 

Please email Felicia Dunsmuir at if you would like to help.  The committee will meet in early February to begin planning.