Take Your Family To School Week - Parent Visitation Day
Wed, Feb 22
Merchantville School
1 day before

Visit your child's classroom to see the wonderful things that happen in Merchantville School on a daily basis.  No need to sign up ahead of time.  

Visitation time are as follows:

Periods 2 and 3 (9:14 am to 10:36 am)*

Periods 7 and 8 (12:56 pm to 2:18 pm)*

See attached scheduled to find out what class your child will be in during your visitation.

Please be a silent observer - refrain from talking with others and avoid using your cell phone during the lesson.  This is not a conference time.  If you wish to meet with the teacher, please set up a time outside the class time to speak about any issues.

*Child care will be provided for younger siblings