Black History Month Movie Screening: Akeelah & The Bee
Fri, Feb 5 5:00pm - Sat, Feb 6
Meyerholz Elementary
1 day before
Hello Meyerholz Families, 
We hope that you can take this opportunity to celebrate and educate on the importance of Black History Month. To kick off the movie screenings this month, our admins, Dr. Lashier and Ms. Lin, would like to share a few words about Black History Month. 
This week, we will be screening Akeelah and The Bee. This movie is rated PG and we encourage families to watch it together.
You can stream the movie using this movie link.
Username: MHZBHM 
Password: Bulld0gs
Attached is the system requirements for the best viewing experience possible. 
As you watch this movie please think about the following questions and have a discussion about them afterward: 
  1. Did you like the movie? What did you dislike about it?

  2. Do you think it was important that Akeelah learned to speak differently, like Dr. Larabee taught her to?

  3. Did you think that Akeelah’s mother was supportive of her goals? Did her support change over time?

  4. Did you notice any instances of where Akeelah was treated differently because of how she looked?  Would you consider them to be examples of racism in the movie?

  5. This film portrays people having prejudice and being racist towards a girl who lives in a different neighborhood. Do you think we should treat people who are not like us differently? What can we do to not have prejudices? 

Due to our licensing agreement, please refrain from sharing or posting this movie link on social media. This movie stream is for the Meyerholz community only. The movie will be available to view until February 6, 11:59 PM. Thank  you for your continued support and generous contributions that allow PTA to provide such opportunities. We hope you enjoy the movie. 
-Meyerholz Elementary PTA