Black History Month Movie Screening: Hidden Figures
Fri, Feb 19 5:00pm - Sat, Feb 20 11:55pm
Meyerholz Elementary
1 day before
Hello Meyerholz Families, 
As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, click here to watch a special message from our school board rep, Lori Cunningham.
This week's movie is Hidden Figures. This movie is rated PG and we encourage families to watch it together.
You can stream the movie using this movie link.
Username: MHZBHM 
Password: Bulld0gs
Attached are the system requirements for the best viewing experience possible. 
As you watch this movie please think about the following questions and have a discussion about them afterward:
    1. Think about the world around you. Who are the hidden figures in it? 
    2. The women in Hidden Figures faced discrimination based on their race and gender. Have you seen oppression and people overcoming it? 
    3. Someone has to be first. This can be a very hard step to take like the steps Mary had to take to become an engineer. How can you be a first in your community? How can you stand up for others?
    4. Where in our community do you see a need for change? What small changes can we make to help?
    5. Did you find this movie inspiring? Explain.
Due to our licensing agreement, please refrain from sharing or posting this movie link on social media. This movie stream is for the Meyerholz community only. The movie will be available to view until February 20, 11:59 PM.
-Meyerholz Elementary PTA