CUSD Parcel Tax Measure A Needs the Meyerholz Community's Help
Mon, Feb 15 8:52pm

Dear Meyerholz Community,


The CUSD Board of Trustees has voted to place a funding measure on the May 4 ballot. Measure A needs your help to pass!   Your Meyerholz Elementary PTA voted to endorse Measure A as it will bring much needed funds to support the students and staff in the CUSD and Meyerholz community.

State funding and current local taxes are not sufficient to prevent the district from making cuts affecting our students. You have the chance to pass a parcel tax Measure A that will provide a reliable source of funding, retain our great teachers and staff, maintain class sizes and prevent financially driven school closures.

Your vote is crucial, but we must do much more than vote to help it pass. There are many ways you can help, for example by placing a yard sign on your lawn. You can support the campaign financially by visiting and selecting “Contribute”.   You can also participate in many of the upcoming rallying events for Measure A.

Most importantly, we’ll be holding events on March 27th and April 24th when you can help by talking to neighbors about the need for well-funded public schools in their neighborhood. Volunteering for these will have a huge effect on the success of the campaign. Training will be given and all will be kept safe!


Please email  or fill out this form to volunteer your time to supporting Measure A and visit  Our community needs your commitment to thrive.



Meyerholz Elementary PTA