Communication Regarding Recent CUSD Board Meetings
Thu, Nov 5 1:55pm

Dear Meyerholz Families,


At the CUSD Board meeting held on Thursday, October 22, the CAC presented to the CUSD Board multiple scenarios that included school closures.  Multiple scenarios proposed closing the Meyerholz neighborhood program and redistributing the attendance area to various district schools while keeping the Meyerholz site open for a dedicated CLIP program. One scenario proposed closing Meyerholz as a site and redistributing the attendance area and moving the CLIP program to a different school site.  Various additional meetings and forums are scheduled to allow for community engagement including a Meyerholz Town Hall today, November 5, from 3-4pm.


We strongly urge the community to:


As a unit of the California State PTA organization, our Meyerholz Elementary PTA mission is to positively impact the lives of all children and families.   


What can PTAs do:  

  • PTAs may fundraise to pay the district for staff or materials used specifically at our school sites such as the Meyerholz Elementary PTA currently funding classroom technology and supplies, technology promoting Distance Learning,  staff including Librarian, Art, and Music Teachers, Project Cornerstone, teacher development and so much more.
  • PTAs may collaborate with an educational foundation such as CEEF on a specific program or project but must ensure that the education foundation’s goals and objectives are consistent with those of PTA.
  • PTAs may spend a portion of its funds on election issues that have an impact on the education, health, or well-being of children and youth within the Legal Guidelines for Campaign Activity, Advocacy Chapter.
  • Reaffirm Position Statements, Resolutions and general board positions already adopted by California State PTA.
  • Take allowable actions aligned with the mission of the PTA through a membership vote.
  • For more information on how PTAs are organized and how actions can be taken by its membership association:


As a part of the National PTA, PTAs must follow certain processes, which would not allow our Meyerholz Elementary PTA, even with a membership vote, to take a stance or side on issues related to CUSD school closures.  We cannot speak for other PTAs, but we are certain we want our Meyerholz Elementary PTA to stay in compliance and not risk revocation of our ability to directly serve our Meyerholz students. Our PTA funds many great programs and we want to honor that commitment to our students.


As dedicated parent volunteers in our community serving all Meyerholz students, we understand the frustrations so we urge you to study the information, stay engaged, ask questions, volunteer for committees, attend CUSD Board meetings, attend Meyerholz office hours, attend the Meyerholz Town Hall, and join various community groups. 



Lucy Howng, Meyerholz Elementary PTA President