Final Black History Month Movie Screening: Remember the Titans
Fri, Feb 26 5:00pm-11:55pm
Meyerholz Elementary
1 day before
Hello Meyerholz Families, 
As we conclude Black History Month, click here to watch a special message from our school's librarian, Ms. Mallison. 
We hope that you all have enjoyed watching these movies and they have created some great opportunities for meaningful discussions.
The final movie this month will be Remember the Titans. This movie is rated PG and we encourage families to watch it together.
You can stream the movie using this movie link.
Username: MHZBHM 
Password: Bulld0gs
Attached are the system requirements for the best viewing experience possible. 
As you watch this movie please think about the following questions and have a discussion about them afterward:
    1. In the film, the parents are very angry about the integrated schools. Why are they so mad about the change? Do you think that they fear what they don’t know/understand?
    2. At camp, the team bonded together. What do you think helped the players bond?  Has anyone experienced any bonding with others that they didn’t know previously in a similar fashion?
    3. Do you think that Coach Boone was too rough on the boys? Was he equally rough on the white players as the black players?
    4. Gary and Julius’s friendship seemed to have set the tone for the rest of the team to embrace the players of the opposite race. What is the power of peer pressure in ending racism?
    5. Gary’s accident is a severe tragedy for the whole community. Do you think that tragedies bring people closer together or further apart?
Due to our licensing agreement, please refrain from sharing or posting this movie link on social media. This movie stream is for the Meyerholz community only. The movie will be available to view until February 27, 11:59 PM.
-Meyerholz Elementary PTA