Meyerholz Community Meeting with CUSD Superintendent Dr. Craig Baker - Focus on CLIP Program
Thu, Feb 8 7:00pm-8:00pm
Meyerholz Elementary, GLC
1 day before

Dr. Baker will meet with the Meyerholz community to discuss the future of Meyerholz as it relates to CLIP. This meeting will be videotaped and made available to the Meyerholz community following the meeting.

Please RSVP as seating is limited. 

We will hold another community meeting on March 1st @ 7 PM with a focus on the Meyerholz Neighborhood program.  

Both meetings are open to the entire Meyerholz community. You can access more information related to the balancing enrollment board priority on our website here. 


The following is the letter from Dr. Baker which was emailed to the Meyerholz community on Sunday, 2/4/18:

Dear Meyerholz Community,

I am looking forward to meeting with you on February 8, 2018, at 7:00 pm in the Meyerholz GLC.   In case you are unable to join us, please be aware that we will be recording the meeting and will post the video on the Meyerholz website the next day.  Here is the agenda for this meeting:

  • Welcome
    • Norms
    • Context-Setting
  • Discussion of Process and Timeline
  • Framing Question:  Regardless of where CLIP is situated today or in the future, what are the ways that the District can support CLIP in reaching its fullest potential?
  • Question and Answer Session

To help us be ready for the discussion, I want to take this opportunity to clarify the intent of the meeting and hopefully address some of the confusion that seems to exist in the community.

For good reason, there have been many questions and concerns circulating in the Meyerholz community as to whether CLIP might have its own school site as a way to help address one of the District’s stated priorities of balancing enrollment across the district.  Please know that the original questions raised by a few CLIP parents about the possibility of having their own site was never directly tied to balancing enrollment; instead, it was connected to supporting the program itself and was a genuine expression of interest to simply discuss and explore the possibility of expansion.  This question was a reasonable one to ask and certainly warrants consideration.  And, because we are beginning the process of discussing possible solutions to district-wide enrollment issues, we need to know as soon as possible if this is something the CLIP community truly wants us to even consider as a possibility, so that we can make sure it is part of the mix when deliberating on the larger problem of balancing enrollment.   

At this time, I want the community to know that the District neither has an immediate need nor a particular desire to move CLIP off the Meyerholz campus or to expand it.  By the end of next school year (June of 2019), however, I would need to know whether the CLIP community even has the collective desire to occupy its own site, regardless of where that site might be, and only then would the District more seriously take up this question.  With this timeline in mind, I hope that the entire CLIP community would discuss this, to include prospective parents, to ensure we have a variety of voices represented. I assume that in order to engage in this discourse in the most inclusive, thorough and deliberate manner, we need at least another year’s worth of discussion, perhaps even more.  And, it would likely take several more years after that to prepare both CLIP and Meyerholz Neighborhood communities for any changes or improvements to facilities.  All to say, this is going to be a long and engaging process, and we must keep in mind what is best for all members of the Meyerholz/CLIP communities, and for the entire District, for decades to come.  

Finally, in order to facilitate Thursday’s conversation, I would like to invite you to send me your questions or ideas prior about what you hope I will cover at the meeting, or any question you’d prefer to ask now, rather than having to stand up in front of the group to ask it.  By doing this, I will be certain to prioritize the most asked questions of the community.  You can reach me at  

I very much look forward to spending time with you on Thursday, February 8, starting at 7 pm, to hear your thoughts and suggestions, and engage in a productive conversation.  


Dr. Craig Baker


親愛的 Meyerholz 社區,

我期待於2018年2月8日晚上7:00 在 Meyerholz GLC與大家見面。請注意, 如果您不能參加會議, 我們將會對會議進行錄像, 並將在第二天把視頻上傳至 Meyerholz 網站。以下是本次會議的議程:


  • 歡迎
    • 規範
    • 背景介紹
  • 討論流程和時間安排
  • 主要問題: 無論庫泊蒂諾中文沈浸式教學項目(CLIP)今天或以後會怎樣發展,學區該如何支持此項目,來充分實現其價值?
  • 問答環節

為更好地給討論做準備, 我想藉此機會解釋這次會議目的, 並希望能解答一些社區里存在的疑惑。


出於充分的理由,Meyerholz社區很多人問及并關注CLIP是否會有自己的校區,從而解決學區提及的重點事項之一,即在學區範圍內平衡招生。請注意,在一些CLIP家長最初問及是否可能建立獨立校區時,其意圖與平衡招生並無直接關係,而只是出於支持項目本身的目的,他們只是簡單地討論和探索擴大項目的可能性。這是一個合理的問題, 當然值得考慮。而且, 由於我們開始討論學區範圍招生的各種可能性,我們需要盡快瞭解這是否是CLIP社區真正希望我們去考慮的問題,這樣我們才能在研究平衡招生的問題時,將其作為考慮因素之一。  


我希望社區的各位瞭解,就目前情況而言,對於將CLIP搬離Meyerholz校區或擴大該項目,學區並無迫切需求或特別需要。  然而, 我需要在下一學年 (2019年6月)結束之前, 瞭解CLIP社區是否集體希望建立自己的校區, 無論該校區在哪裡。只有到那時, 學區才會更認真地考慮這個問題。考慮到這個時間安排, 我希望整個CLIP社區將討論該問題, 并讓未來的家長也參與討論, 以確保我們有來自各方面的意見。我認為, 為了以最全面、透徹、細緻的方式考慮這一問題, 我們至少需要再進行一年的討論, 甚至更多。而且,在方案確定后,我們還需要幾年的時間來準備CLIP和Meyerholz社區的任何變化或設施的完善。我要說的是, 這將是一個漫長的過程, 需要大家持續的參與。我們必須明確什麼樣的方案,才是在未來幾十年內,對 Meyerholz/CLIP社區所有成員, 以及整個學區最好的方案。 


最後, 為了更好地為星期四的會議做準備, 我想請您提前把您的問題或想法發送給我, 告訴我你希望我在會上講些什麼, 或者任何您現在想問,而不是在會議上在大家面前提問的問題。  這樣一來, 我將能優先解答社區提問最多的問題。您可以將郵件發送至。 





Craig Baker 博士