Meyerholz Talent Show Winners!
Sat, Nov 21 1:52pm
Congratulations to the following category winners of our Meyerholz Elementary PTA Talent Show: 
Grand Prize Winners:
Elvin H. - 2nd Grade
Tomoaki N. - 3rd Grade
Jacy W. - 5th Grade
Primary: Aaron C. - 1st Grade
Upper: Andrea W. - 5th Grade
Primary: Celine H. - 2nd Grade
Upper: Madelyn & Evelyn H. - 4th & 5th Grade
Primary: Samantha N. - 1st Grade
Upper: Athena T. - 4th Grade
Spoken Word:
Primary: Sophia S. - Grade K
Upper: Daniel L. - 5th Grade
Primary: Kaj W. - 2nd Grade
Upper: Selena L. - 3rd Grade
Special Artist:
Primary: Saksham D. - 2nd Grade
Upper: Shreyansh J. - 5th Grade
Upper: Evan L. - 5th Grade
Ms. Evashenk & Ms. Luo - 5th Grade Teachers
Ms. Chuah - 3rd Grade Teachers
 Parents and students can view the video announcement of winners here: 
To view all Talent Show entries: