Order your Meyerholz Bulldogs Pride Mask today!
Fri, Dec 18 11:55pm
Meyerholz Elementary
1 day before

Show your Bulldog Pride and order your Meyerholz Bulldogs Pride Mask today.

Go to Custom Ink and order your mask(s) today!  Deadline for group order is December 18th.

Cost: $7.68 per mask
Sizing: (S/M) fits smaller adults and kids, (M/L) fits most adults


  • In the LEAVE SARAH A PRIVATE NOTE on the order form, write your child’s name, grade, and classroom teacher.
  • Order a Meyerholz Bulldogs mask for your kids or for the whole family. Orders will be paid for by each family.
  • You can choose to have your masks shipped to your home (family will pay the shipping fee) OR shipped to the school and be picked up at a Material Pickup.  Order by December 18th for school shipping option.
  • Shipments will arrive to supporters individually in about 2 weeks from when you place your Group Order Form (December 18th).
  • Masks are 2 layers of cotton with filter insert and adjustable ear loops.


Email evashenk_sarah@cusdk8.org with questions.