PTA Reflections Art Competition Results
Sat, Dec 9 11:04pm
Meyerholz Elementary

PTA Reflections Winning Entries Advanced to Council Level

Judging for the 2017 PTA Reflections Art Competition has been completed at Meyerholz, with 11 selected entries advanced to the Council level.  

Congratulations to all winners! And a big thank-you to all participating students and their families, and volunteers who worked so hard to make it happen.  See list of winners below.

There will be a Meyerholz school celebration on Wednesday, January 24, 6:30 pm. Stay tuned for details. 

List of Reflections Winning Entries:

Visual Arts, Primary (3)

Ezekiel F., Animals can reach!

Evelyn T.,

Emilie L., Emilie's Garden

Visual Arts, Intermediate (3)

Sophie W., I can reach for the stars!

Lucia L., Art is within my reach

David Q., Reaching towards others

Literature, Intermediate (3)

Shripriya K., Keep trying! Don’t give up!

Kimaya P., Meaning of life

Ishita., The tennis match

Dance, Intermediate (1)

Ethan L., Dream

Photography, Intermediate (1)

Shripriya K., Mountain peak and cloud are within my reach!


The following students have Reflections art work which won at the

Cupertino-Fremont-Sunnyvale Council PTA level:

    - Shripriya K won 1st place in the literature/intermediate category

    - Kimaya P won 3rd place in the literature/intermediate category

Congratulations to all participants and winners!