Parent Communication Responsibility and Konstella Terms of Use
Wed, Nov 18 10:33pm

Dear Meyerholz Community,


We wanted to remind everyone that Konstella is a tool designed to enhance Meyerholz related communication within the current Meyerholz parent community.   Konstella is the main channel for Meyerholz Elementary PTA to rebroadcast official Meyerholz related information  already sent by Meyerholz Administration, advertise PTA events such as Parent Education and Talent Show, and for Room Parents to share classroom related news.  Konstella is a closed communication tool accessed only by registered users and we are grateful that  parents participate for the purpose of enhancing classroom and parent communication. 


Unfortunately, we suspect that select registered Konstella user(s) are violating the protocols by transferring the parent provided emails on to a third party email distribution list.   This is an absolute violation of the use of Konstella.  We have requested an investigation into this breach of conduct and will pursue legal action if needed.


Moving forward:

1) Within Konstella, users can easily  control the sharing of personal information under Account Settings,  such that it cannot be viewed.  Registered users can still contact each other directly through the Konstella messaging function.

2)  Any further violation of Konstella's Terms and Services will result in the cancellation of our Konstella contract and the  termination of all use.



Lucy Howng

Meyerholz Elementary PTA President