Seeking PTA Nominating Committee Members
Fri, Nov 20 6:44pm

Dear Families,


PTA is recruiting for members to serve on the Nominating Committee.  We are seeking 3-5 members to join the Nominating Committee to help recruit for Board Members and Committee Leads to serve in the 2021-2022 school year.   The Nominating Committee is elected by the General Association prior to the Board Member election in the Spring.    Here is the information on Nominating Committee:


Please email with your interest.  We thank you in advance for stepping up in this volunteer role.


Nominating Committee Basics

The nominating committee is the only PTA committee that is not appointed by the president. This committee is elected by the membership at least two months prior to the election of officers.  The committee needs a balance of newer and more experienced PTA members, all of whom should be knowledgeable about PTA and who are:

  • Aware of qualified potential nominees
  • Familiar with the eligibility requirements and the qualifications necessary for the offices to be filled
  • Willing and able to devote adequate time to the responsibilities involved and maintain confidentiality.

Don’t overlook student and teacher members.

The election of the nominating committee should not be a popularity contest based on willingness to serve nor should it consist of the PTA executive board. The PTA president never serves on the committee, and the parliamentarian serves only when elected to serve. The principal may be elected, but should at least be an advisor to the group. No person may serve on the committee for two consecutive years. Be sure to elect your nominating committee wisely!


Qualities of Nominating Committee Members:

Nominating committee members should be:

  • Elected on merit and ability.
  • Willing to devote adequate time to the responsibilities involved.
  • Knowledgeable regarding the eligibility requirements and the qualifications necessary for the offices to be filled as well as the responsibility of each office.
  • Aware of the qualifications and abilities of potential nominees.
  • Able to give objective consideration to nominees.
  • Able to use sound judgment and skill in evaluating nominees.
  • Tactful, discreet with integrity.
  • Able to keep all deliberations confidential.