Sign up for a Measure A Lawn Sign - CUSD and Meyerholz needs your support!
Fri, Feb 19
Meyerholz Elementary

Hello Parents,

Our students, staff, and district need your voting power in passing Measure A this May.  Besides telling your neighbors and families to support Measure A, help us get the word out by signing up for a lawn sign below. We will need a total lawn sign count today.


Measure A will:

  • Allow CUSD to retain our high-quality teachers and staff with competitive compensation
  • Prevent school closures due to lack of funding
  • Keep schools safe, clean and well maintained
  • Ensure fiscal solvency
  • Provide programs to support students’ social and emotional wellness
  • Protect outstanding core academic programs in reading, writing, math and science
  • Keep libraries up-to-date and retain music programs
  • Provide updated classroom technology for a 21st Century education

 Signs will be available around early March.  We will organize multiple easy pick-ups near Meyerholz school.   We are also looking for volunteers to canvass your neighborhood on March 27.  


If you have any questions or would like to help, please contact


Thank you!



Yes for Measure A Law Sign Signed Up: 31 / 200

Fri, Feb 19
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