Yearbook Cover Contest Winners
Tue, Mar 22 11:57am

The Yearbook Committee was overwhelmed with the number of entries we received this year for the Cover Contest.  We tried our best to include as much of the artwork (whole or partial) submitted for the Cover Contest as we could in the yearbook.  We wished we could have used all of the amazing pieces.

Please email  if your child would like their artwork returned or if you have any questions. 


Congratulations to the following students:


Cover Contest Winner: Jonathan C, Room 28

Title Page: Yuuto K, Room 36

Default Back Cover: Ashley W, Room 33


Artwork found in yearbook pages (It may be whole image or small part of the artwork) :

Alicia H, Room 31

Audrey L, Room 32

Audrey W, Room 33

Colin, Room 4

Emilie L, Room 32

Isabella C, Room 27

Jason W, Room 31

Norah T, Room 28

River C, Room 17

Sara L, Room 35

Sarah K, Room 11

Sofia H, Room 32

Symphony C, Room 34

Urjita T, Room 35

Vihaan Chotrani, Room 12