Yearbook Orders and Personalization
Sun, Jan 21 12:06am
Meyerholz Elementary

Dear Parents,

This is an update regarding Yearbook deadlines and how to personalize your back cover.

We received notice from the publisher over the Winter Break that he has extended the deadline for ordering and creating a personalized back cover until February 28th. (See chart below.)




Order by October 31, 2017


Early Bird price with free personalization

Order between November 1, 2017-February 28, 2018


Back cover can be personalized for an extra $7

February 28, 2018


Due date to submit back cover personalization

Order between March 1, 2018-May 7, 2018


Back cover personalization is not available. 

You will get a standard back cover.

Order after May 7, 2018


Place your order individually through the publisher. 

Back cover personalization is not available.

**No yearbooks sold on the last day of school.**

How to Order:


Click “Order Yearbook” tab.
Choose from the drop-down menus: City “San Jose, CA”, and School “Meyerholz Elementary”.
The password to use on the next screen is “bulldog”.
Follow the instructions to place your order. Save your confirmation email.

Anyone ordering after the May 7th deadline will be ordering their individual copy from the publisher and not through our group order; this means your yearbook will not be passed out at school by your child's teacher, but will be sent to you by the publisher.


How to Create a Personalized Back Cover:


Click “Personalize” tab.
Follow the instructions to launch their design tool and create your page.
Submit your page to the publisher before the February 28th deadline.


If you have ordered a personalized back cover, you must design and submit it by 2/28. Anyone who has not ordered a personalized back cover, or who does not complete their own back cover design, will receive a generic design (a Meyerholz logo) printed on the back cover of their yearbook.


Any questions— please contact us at the Yearbook Committee-

Thank you,

Katie Tse and Michelle Yau