Walking School Bus - Calabazas Park Parking Lot on Blaney Ave

A Walking School Bus is a group of children walking to school with one or more adults. 

This Walking School Bus gathers at the Calabazas Park parking lot on Blaney Ave. every Wednesday at 8:15 am. The group then leaves at 8:20 am to walk together to school. 

Please fill out the Walking School Bus Permission Slip (available from the Walking School Bus Leader) to join.

For more information about the Walking School Bus, please visit:



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The Walking School Bus Leader is responsible for organizing and leading the student walkers to school. Responsibilities include: Being on time every week at the meeting place and leaving on time Handing out and receiving Walking School Bus Permission slips Handing out incentives Responsible for the safety of students who are dropped off to walk with WSB
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Members must fill out the Walking School Bus Permission Slip to join.
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