Charity Bingo information
Tue, Oct 15 9:40am

A message from Scott Duffey regarding Charity Bingo - 


Anyone that wants to participate in Milpitas Charity Bingo should send an email to Bob Livengood at and request what you need to do to get started. If he requires the volunteers to do the training first, then they only need to show up on a different night for about 90 minutes to check-in with Bob or another manager, and shadow one of the volunteers that is working that night. It's truly a very simple job. The Rotary Club earned about $2000 for one night, and Rancho earned almost $1300 for a very slow night. There is a great donation pot to be earned! They are in dire need of additional volunteer partners, even if it's only 4 per night.


As a reminder to all, the shifts are 5.5 hours long, and that is forever to be on your feet walking around. If you can get enough volunteers per shift to cut that time in half, then everyone will benefit by not being exhausted the next day. If you have the full shift of 8 volunteers, then you will really want 16. If you only are providing 4 volunteers, then try and get 8 volunteers.


Thanks Scott for the information!