Comcast Cares Day- Help Us Earn Disney Tickets!
Tue, Apr 17 2:21pm

Hello Everyone,

Comcast Cares Day at Spangler is this Saturday! Comcast will donate funds to Spangler for every volunteer that attends. Additionally, Spangler PTA has signed up for Disney’s Points of Light program, with which we can earn Disney tickets (to be used next year as prizes for fundraisers, etc.), depending on how many volunteers sign up (up to 20 tickets!).
Please consider coming this Saturday, we are in urgent need of additional volunteers to tackle all the projects on our agenda. 
This is a huge opportunity for us, please take the time to sign up through Points of Light for the Disney tickets, as well as through Comcast for the additional funds. See you there!


-Silvia Dias
Spangler PTA President 2016-18


Click Here to Sign Up!