Milpitas Council Meeting- March 14th
Thu, Mar 7 11:55am

Hello All,

Our March Council Meeting will take place next Thursday, March 14th, at 7:00 pm. Agenda is attached. We will be having our Council elections, and a quorum is required, so please plan on attending. 

We will have a special Guest Speaker, Jamie Koo, a Parent Engagement Specialist from the Santa Clara County Office of Education. She will be introducing 2 programs that the County runs for parents. Please share the attached flyers with your school families.

If you haven't done so already, please submit your Mid-Year Audit Report (and checklist) ASAP, as they were due at our February meeting, and are now past-due. I have attached the document checklist for your reference. All past-due documents are due immediately.

Historian Forms are due by our April meeting, and are attached. Please use your best guess on the amount of volunteer hours your unit has donated to your school site. These hours include all meetings (including council meetings), events, and work done at home. A single PTA meeting that lasts 1.5 hours, with 15 attendees is already 23 hours. Documentation of hours is not required, just use your best judgment, and ROUND UP! CA State PTA will use the cumulative sum of these hours when lobbying for our children, to show the power of PTA, and how much we truly do for our students. Please also include the hours that WILL be donated through the end of the school year. Every Minute Counts!


CLARIFICATION: In the Konstella email I sent last month, I mistakenly stated our meeting was on March 7th (Today). Our meeting is actually next Thursday, March 14th. It was stated correctly in the agenda, just not in my email. I hope you can all make it next week, see you there!


-Silvia Dias

Milpitas Council PTA President 2017-19