Milpitas Council PTA Meeting Reminder
Wed, Oct 7 9:54pm

Hello Fellow Leaders!

Silvia here, with your reminder for tomorrow night's Council PTA meeting at 7:00 pm. Agenda and minutes are attached, Treasurer's Report to follow shortly. 

I also wanted to thank those PTA's who have been able to send in member and insurance dues, and to remind the 4 remaining PTA's to please reach out to me, as these are 1 week overdue. 

I also have an announcement to make. My family and I will be moving out of state at the end of the month, possibly temporarily, but I will need to step down from PTA Council. This means we need a replacement : )

If you are interested in possibly leading the team, and can commit to attending these Council meetings as well as the 6th district meetings, please let me know! You will need to have a good grasp of PTA best practices, as you will be dealing regularly with questions and issues from PTA units. 

I will need to stay on for at least another month, to run the election in November, as this email will serve as our 30 day notice. 

Our PTA VP has also stepped down, as he is no longer able to commit to council work. This means our election next month will be for both President and Vice President. At this time, Vice President duties include mostly the document collections and making sure units are current on items due. 

Please let me know if you are interested in either of these positions, we need you!

Link for tomorrow night's meeting:


Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


-Silvia Dias

Milpitas Council PTA President 2020-22