Milpitas Council PTA Meeting- February 7th
Fri, Feb 1 1:08pm

Hello All!

I hope you are doing well. Our Council Meeting date has been confirmed for February 7th (changed from the 21st due to ski week closure). Please make the appropriate changes in your calendar. The February Agenda is attached. Several of our schools are not sending at least one representative to each meeting. Please make an effort to be there. These meetings are important to the health of your PTA, and it is the PTA's that don't attend that usually need the most help. Please attend!

Announcement: We will be holding our 2019-20 Elections at our March Meeting (March 7th). A quorum is required, so please plan on being there. 

Please Note: Raquel Kusunoki and Stephanie Guthrie will be doing a presentation about the 2019 Milpitas Elementary Olympics. We look forward to seeing you all there!

One last thing: Russell PTSA informed me that Safeway is at year-end, and is giving out $50 gift cards instead of the usual $25 for donation requests. If you are having an event within the next month or so, drop off a donation request letter with your event date, PTA name and Tax ID number, and they will donate to your PTA. 

Thank you for reading this whole thing, and we will see you next Thursday : )


-Silvia Dias

Milpitas Council PTA President 2017-19