Rosters for 2020-2021
Tue, Jun 16 3:41pm

Update: I've attached the waiver that needs to be completed if you didn't do an election. Please fill out this form and send to and I'll forward along to district.



Happy Summer to all!


CAPTA is in need of your rosters for the coming year. If you have held your election meeting, please make sure to enter your roster into PTAEZ for the coming year. If you don't have PTAEZ, please reply via email to me and I can get your roster in to 6th district.


If you haven't held your election, you'll need to let me know as there is a waiver you'll need to sign in order to remain in good standing for next year. This needs to be done in the next few days in order for District 6 to process prior to CAPTA's deadline.



Thank you all!

Amy Jorde