September 13 Meeting Reminder & Agenda
Mon, Sep 10 11:10am

Hello fellow PTA Leaders!

Our September Meeting is this Thursday, please see attached agenda. I also wanted to add a few reminders/ announcements:

  • PTA Insurance amount is $232 this year (a correction from the $233 6th District initially announced)
  • A minimum of 15 members' dues are due by our October Meeting 
  • Please submit a Unit Remittance Form with any checks submitted to Council (a single check for both member dues and insurance is fine)
  • Cheryl Jordan, Wendy Zheng, and Robert Jung will be doing a presentation on Measure AA (the Education Bond), and will be available to answer any questions. If you would like information prior to the meeting, please visit
  • WE WILL BE HOLDING A VOTE FOR MILPITAS COUNCIL TO SUPPORT MEASURE AA. A Yes vote would allow Milpitas Council to support the Measure publicly. It does not mean that individual PTA Units must also support or campaign, though they would not be able to publicly oppose. This has no bearing on your personal voting rights, it only affects Milpitas Council's ability to use our name on Measure AA materials and campaigning. Any questions (all questions!) are welcome, and can be sent directly in reply to this email.
  • We are in need of a Council Parliamentarian to help with updating Unit Bylaws. Almost all our unit PTA's will need to update their Bylaws this year. If you have prior experience with Bylaws updates, please consider applying!
  • I finally have copies of ALL unit Bylaws. If you do not yet have a copy, please let me know, and I can send you a soft copy.
  • You should all be working on taxes for last year. This is the responsibility of the outgoing board.


Milpitas Council is also holding a contest this year, to help make document submission a bit more fun! And to make it a bit easier for us to collect all the necessary documents : )


Here are the rules:

  • Documents received BEFORE due date stated on Document Checklist will earn 3 points
  • Documents received ON due date stated on Document Checklist will earn 2 points (emailed copies accepted, as well as in-person at our Council Meeting)
  • Documents received AFTER due date stated on Document Checklist will earn 1 point (because, of course, we still need them, so we want there to be an incentive to turn them in anyway)
  • Any documents that were missing from previous years will need to be submitted along with the current year's version, in order to collect points for that document (These are noted in the spreadsheet).
  • Documents that do not apply to all units (such as Raffle Permits) will not earn points (marked with an X instead).
  • Milpitas Council will not participate in the contest, so our documents will be marked with an X
  • We will do our best to keep the spreadsheet updated, but please let us know if you see any errors in your unit's points. 
  • At the end of the year, the unit(s) with the most points will win a prize! (To be announced later, once we figure out what it will be!)

I look forward to seeing you all at Thursday's Council Meeting!


-Silvia Dias

Milpitas Council PTA President 2017-19