Unit Documents Needed
Fri, Oct 27 12:42pm

Hello fellow PTA Leaders!

I've been working on collecting unit documents, and there is still a fair amount that has not been turned in. Please refer to attached PDF to see where your school stands. Of highest priority are copies of all 3 tax forms, as well as insurance and membership dues. 

Documents can be sent to me via email in PDF format, or we can arrange a pickup date/time at your school's office.  I will send out an updated copy of this spreadsheet in a couple weeks, hopefully with all the boxes checked off : ) 


Also, if you have not yet completed your registration with Konstella, please take some time to do so. You may miss out on some Council announcements, or be unable to participate, if your registration is incomplete. To date, only 15 members have signed on. Help me double that number by next week! Konstella can be used as a platform to share information with other Milpitas leaders, ask for help, and to share successful fundraiser or program ideas. Join us!

You may reply to this email with any questions, or feel free to call or text me at the phone number below. Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Silvia Dias

Milpitas Council PTA President