classroom chat groups
Tue, Aug 18 11:27am

MSJE Parents,

Welcome to a new school year!


Many things will be different this year, but one thing that is even more important is making it easy to work together and help each other. There will be many new things to learn and problems to solve as our children continue their education via distance learning. Although the district and the teachers will help as much as they can, parents helping each other will often be the quickest and best source of help.


As chair of the MSJE PTC parent directory, our primary offering to you is the Konstella directory. Please go to the MSJE Konstella site and setup your child in the appropriate classroom.


I understand that there are parents who prefer to use whatsapp, wechat, or other services to connect and coordinate with the other families in their child's classroom.


This year, I have compiled a list of classroom chat groups to simplify the process of finding and joining a classroom chat.


List of MSJE classroom chat groups


If you have a chat group you would like to put on the list, please send it to me.