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Sat, Dec 9 9:52pm
Mission Valley Elementary School

Holiday is around the corner. Wish all Mission Valley families a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Thank you for all you support in this school year!



If you are shopping on Amazon, don't forget to use the link konstella.com/amazon when you shop at Amazon. Mission Valley School Association receives a donation of 2% on every transaction of yours.


  • Family Science Night: This will be our school’s first family science night. We need volunteers to help with this event on Friday, January 26th to manage the activities and to clean up afterwards. Training will be held from 5:45pm to 6:15pm. Event is 6:30-8pm. Cleanup time is 8-8:30pm. Please sign up here: https://www.konstella.com/cd/aaftjd
  • MVSA By-Law Revision: MVSA is revising its by-law to make it more up-to-speed with today’s environment. We need a volunteer Chair to lead this effort. Please email president@mvsa-fremont.org if you are interested.


  • Magic Family Science NightMVE’s first-ever Family Science Night is set for Friday, January 26th at MUR, from 6:30pm to 8pm! Find out the surprising science secrets behind some of the world’s popular magic tricks. Make a paperclip levitate using magnetic force. Use a wand of static electricity to command a spinning straw and a floating butterfly. Watch as water defies gravity and students perform science magic tricks that will amaze their family and friends!
  • Math Olympiad  The first Math Olympiad test was conducted on November 15th in MUR from 7:30 to 8:00am. The coming test will on Wednesday 12/13. Participants need to be at the MUR by 7:15am, so the test can start promptly at 7:30am.
  • MVSA meetings on 12/12 and 1/9 at 7pm in Room 32. All Parents are welcome to join our meetings and learn more about our school.


Thank you, Mission Valley families, for your generous donations! Busy Beaver Donation Drive is now over. We received $37,506 in total and reached 75% of the $50,000 goal.   Each student with donation of $200 or more from his or her family will receive a baseball hat with MVE logo. Stay tuned for more info. You are welcome to continue donation to MVSA via http://mvsa-fremont.org/donation-2/.


MVSA sponsored a donation drive to help the Northern California fire victims. In October, MVE students brought $1 or more each from their "piggy" banks to their classrooms. MVSA volunteers collected a total of $1,017 from student which will be donated to "The Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund".


Diwali, or Festival of Lights, is a festive evening for many people of Indian origin to meet friends and families. It is also a time for children to learn traditional culture, to associate with families and family elders during festivities, and to visit temples to understand different aspects of life.

The first-ever school-wide Diwali celebration was held at the MUR on Thursday, November 2nd. The Diwali Committee spent two months preparing. They put on a rocking show that included singing, dancing (classical and hip-hop) and a "Bollywood" themed fashion show.  The event was well received by our school community.


2017 Marks MVE’s 60th Anniversary. To celebrate this major milestone, MVSA invited MVE students to create art that depicts themes based on MVE education.  Twenty-seven art entries were received and awarded prizes. All artwork will be  displayed in MUR so the entire school could appreciate them.


MVSA and MSJE Parent Teacher Club hosted the Halloween Carnival this year on October 28th. The Halloween Carnival featured a Talent Show where about 50 MVE students showcased their talents in singing, dancing, playing instruments and composing. A beloved tradition, Costume Contest followed. Meanwhile, participants enjoyed food, drink, games, jumper houses, and live music.

About 400 guests were attracted to the Halloween Carnival. We thank all families who came to support.  We also thank the 100+ amazing volunteers who helped with the event. Special thanks to Patty Zhu and Mansi Gajaria for their leadership to plan and drive this successful program! Among all volunteers, we had five MVE staff members, MVE and high school students, as well as parents from MVE and MSJE. It was truly a community affair.


We have concluded the First Lesson for FAME with the brand new format. Congratulations and many thanks to all the parent volunteers who helped with FAME.  We would really appreciate if you could share your experience and provide any feedback. December sessions just got started.



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The Mission Valley School Association (MVSA) is the non-profit Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) of Mission Valley Elementary School. MVSA is a donor-supported (that’s you) 501(c) organization dedicated to working with teachers and administrators in providing additional access to student resources.