[Information] First MVSA Board Meeting - Update
Fri, Sep 16 1:26pm

Hello parents,

Thanks to everyone who joined the first MVSA Board meeting of this year on the 13th of Sept.

MVSA meetings happen on the second Tuesday of each month - https://mvsa-fremont.org/about-mvsa/mvsa-meetings/. The agenda is posted on the website one day before the meeting here and the minutes of meetings are updated by Friday of that week here


In this first meeting we shared about the MVSA organization, who we are and what we do. 

I am also providing the summary here about MVSA ( as a few parents requested )

  • MVSA is a non-profit organization [ 501(c)]
  • The MVSA board consists the Executive members [President, VPs, and Treasurers], Principal and a Teacher Representative
  • We work together [ Parents and School administration] to bring enrichment in various forms to the kids and the community. 
  • In the year 2021-2022, we were able to fund and support following things [ only a few examples , there is more ]
    • Computer Lab  - The Computer Lab is entirely supported by the MVSA. Ms. Nagata is an MVSA employee and we reserve funds every year for equipment upgrades, example - ink cartridges, wires, headsets, etc.
    • Classroom Fund Allocation - We provide a lump sum amount in the school account with details on each classroom allocation [ as a guideline] to the school. Teachers can use those funds to buy supplies, etc. For example, Generation Genius program was funded with that
    • Chrome books - A rack with 32 chrome books were purchased last year for the kids. This is in addition to what the FUSD funds the school
    • Scholastic Newsletter - The MVSA pays for the yearly subscription
    • Water Supply/Filters  - MVSA also helps the school with a regular water supply in the Staff lounge. We were also able to buy faucet filters for all the faucets in the school last year.
    • Staff Appreciation - Over the year, we were able to arrange for Winter Luncheon, and a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. This year, we funded the Welcome Breakfast and Coffee with Principal. This year we will have more opportunities to do things for our wonderful teachers and staff. 
    • Other events like 6th Grade Pool Party , Letter Rewards Picnic, Green Team, etc.

MVSA is completely volunteer run. The entire work for maintaining MVSA - site expenses, insurance expenses, etc. is done by MVSA Board. A lot of effort and hours go into doing everything. Please volunteer whenever you can. MVSA hugely appreciates all the time and effort of our volunteers. 


We cannot function without continuous feedback and engagement from the community. Please feel free to reach out to us via Konstella or send us an email on board@mvsa-fremont.org with any questions/concerns/feedback. We don't use any other communication channel for official communications.


Thanks and have a very nice weekend.