[Information] Traffic Safety Concerns for kids
Fri, Sep 16 3:09pm

Hello parents, 

We are aware of the safety concerns the parents in our community have for the kids, specially during drop off and pick up. We discussed with the Principal and came to know that there is a Safety Committee set up by the MVE administration staff. This year they will meet the following 4 times on Mondays from 7:15-7:45am in Room No. 1

1. September 26th 
2. November 28th 
3. February 27th
4. April 24th 
They need  ONE  parent representative who can attend these meetings and bring these concerns to the school and help implement solutions as well.
Please respond to president@mvsa-fremont.org or to the Principal directly at jmcclintock@fusdk12.net to get yourself added in the committee if you are interested.