[Please read] MVSA October Newsletter
Thu, Oct 5 10:11pm
Mission Valley Elementary School

Important Notice

BUSY BEAVER DONATION DRIVE: The Busy Beaver Drive will begin on Oct 2nd through Nov 6.  This is our Fall Membership Fundraising Drive.  Without your support, MVSA would not be able to continue funding these wonderful programs & events like additional classroom supplies, Lexia online reading program, computer lab maintenance, letter reward picnic, primary assemblies, computer lab technician, Math & Science Olympiads and many more.  

Suggested donation is $200 per student but any amount is greatly appreciated.  Also, your employer can help. Double your donation dollars by asking your employer for a corporate match.  Parent donation of $200 and above will receive a MVSA baseball hat as a gift. 

  • Donate online via Konstella and you will be able to pull an electronic donation receipt easily from Konstella. If you have not joined Konstella yet, you can join via https://www.konstella.com/cd/Z256dt.
  • Donate by check: Make it payable to MVSA and print student name & room # on the memo line. You can return the check to your classroom.

**MVSA will receive 2% if you use this link to shop on amazon: Konstella.com/amazon  Please support us! **

September Recap


MVSA hosted Campus Cleanup on Sep 23rd. Volunteers cleaned the campus and decorated the staff room.  Bike Mobile fixed 30 bikes. At the end of the event, a beautiful eagle sculpture was made from recycled bicycle inner tube to decorate the MUR wall, capturing the environmental-friendly spirit of this annual event.



Movie night was a big blast on Sep 29th. We had almost 200 people in MUR watching Boss Baby.  It was also a great social opportunity for the parents.  The next movie night is on Dec 1st.  Mark your calendar now.














  • We would like to thank all the 35 students for participating the Halloween talent show audition on Sep. 29th. All the performances at the audition were so amazing which made it so hard for the judges to make the final decision.
  • We appreciate all the time and efforts from parents and students to prepare fro the audition.  Kudos to Mrs. Aidun, Mr. Horning, and Mr. Lotz for being our audition judges! 
  • Please come to enjoy the show starting 11:30am at the Halloween Carnival in MV on Oct. 28th! 

12 Top solo/duet performances

Aaron Zhou, Anushka Saxena, David Iglesias, Isabelle Fu, Ishaan Awasthi, Jade Xu, Mathew Zhang, Mathew Zhang, Naomi Harkey, Nerissa Huang & Arial Wang (Duet), Suhana Shrivastava, and Viviana Chen.

4 Leading performers in the group performances

Abirami Palaniappan (dance team), Alicia Peng (choir team), Annabelle Zhou (choir team), and Kira Li (choir team).

6 Leading instrumental performers (Perform before/after the Halloween show)

Atharv Saxena, Bradley Cai, Diya Hiranandani, Gavin Xie, Mihir Das, and Rohan Iyer. 

October News


MATH & SCIENCE OLYMPIAD (4th, 5th & 6th graders only): 

We had great success in both Math and Science Olympiad programs last year. Mission Valley Elementary School gave an especially impressive performance at the 2017 Bay area Elementary Science Olympiad. Thanks to our dedicated parents, we are able to offer these popular programs again this year!

  • A Math & Science Olympiad Parent Information Meeting will be held in MUR on Oct 6th (Friday) from 5:30-7:00pm.
  • If your child is interested in participating, please sign up before Oct 15th on Konstella.  Math Olympiad Link + Science Olympiad Link




The students, parents, and teachers at Mission Valley Elementary will celebrate International Walk and Roll to School Day on October 11 (Wednesday). This is a great opportunity to celebrate our health, the environment, and our school spirit. We’re hoping every student will participate.



The FAME (“Fine Art Mini Experience”) Training Night has changed  from Oct 3rd to Oct 13 (Friday) in MUR from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. The organizers will go over program details, including a more interactive format planned for this year. They will also hand out class reparation materials.

The FAME organizing committee is calling all interested parents to attend this informative session. They are hoping to have at least two (2) parents from each classroom. Please sign up here




Girl Scout Troop 31381’s popular Get Moving project is coming back at MVE this year, thanks to the school’s support. Walk, bike, roll or carpool with a friend to school. Earn one ticket each day when you choose the “green” way of transportation. Exchange five tickets for a charm. Collect charms for more surprises!

Starting Oct 16th, ticket booth stationed by Girl Scout Troop 31381 will be open from 8:00am to 8:15am on school days.






MVSA and MSJE Parent Teacher Club will host the Halloween Carnival in Mission Valley Elementary School this year on Oct 28th (Saturday). The MVE Talent Show will happen at the Halloween Carnival, and it is scheduled from 11:30am to 12:30pm.

This is our major MVSA event and we need a lot of volunteers from 6th grades and up, please sign up to help here.



The Mission Valley School Association (MVSA) is the non-profit Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) of Mission Valley Elementary School. MVSA is a donor-supported (that’s you) 501(c) organization dedicated to working with teachers and administrators in providing additional access to student resources. 


Website: http://mvsa-fremont.org/
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