2018 Mission Valley Elementary Science Olympiad Results
Fri, May 11 1:12pm
Mission Valley Elementary School

Please join us in congratulating all students who participated in the Elementary Science Olympiad (ESO) this year! Mission Valley has achieved lot of accolades in addition to bringing home the championship.   Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Kiran Adabala and Sujata Krishnamachari who led the Science Olympiad committee in this school year.  It was a huge success.  


MVSA will host an awards ceremony in MUR on 5/18 at 5pm. All ESO participants along with middle school science competition participants will be recognized for their achievements. Please bring your child to the award ceremony. Kids will be super excited to be recognized and awarded.

Below is the summary of our achievements: 



Members: Achyut B, Ojas S, Prabhvir B, Rohmeet C, Shashish K, Shlok P, Shrey R and Sumanth J

2. Close on the heels was team Nerdium, came in second 

Members: Hari G, Ankita S, Varish V, Aadrij U, Anushri P, Ayush S, Nishanth U, Suhana S

3. Other achievements:

Event Awards
Science Jeopardy 1st Place - Nishanth U, Aadrij U
  2nd Place - Sumanth J and Rohmeet C
  3rd Place - Vedant A & Siddarth B
Rubber band catapult 1st Place- Ankitha S, Anushri
  2nd Place - Ojas S and Prabhvir B
  6th Place - Nyshita C, Varsha R
  8th Place - Vedant A & Sidharth B
Aerodynamics 1st Place - Shrey R and Achyut B
Picture This  1st Place - Suhana and Ankitha S
  4th Place   - Shrey R and Shlok P
  5th Place - Moksha and Ashwika
 Microbe Mission 5th Place - Sanat R and Nikhil C
  7th Place - Prabhvir B and Shashish K
 Mission Possible 1st Place - Ankitha S and Nishanth U
  5th Place - Shahsish K and Ojas S
  7th Place - Vihas U and Abhishek K
 Gravity Vehicle 2nd Place - Vidyuth S and Rishika B
 Road Scholar 2nd Place  - Ayush S, Aadrij U
  4th Place - Vidyuth S and Samvrith B
Pentathlon 1st Place - Ankitha S, Suhana, Anishri, Ayush S, Aadrij U, Hari G, Varish V, Nishanth U
  6th Place  -    Achyut B, Ojas S, Prabhvir B, Rohmeet C, Shashish K, Shlok P, Shrey R and Sumanth J
  8th Place - Siddharth H, Hiresh P, Sidharth B, Shubham P, Vihas U, Abhishek K, Arya S, Vedant A
Optics 8th Place - Vedant A,  Sidharth B 

4. Special Awards:

  • Budding Scientist - Rubberband Catapult - Rahul P and Rohan P
  • Great Sportsmanship - Mission Possible - Bhavika M and Rohan P
  • Best teamwork - Mission possible- Aditi L and Aanya B
  • Innovative Design - Gravity Vehicle  - Parbhvir B and Shlok P
  • Budding Scientist    - Rubber band Catapult  -  Rohmeet C and Sumanth J
  • Budding scientist - Rubber band Catapult  - Vedant A & Siddarth B
  • Budding Scientist - Picture This - Suhana and Ankitha