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Mission Valley Elementary School

Have you ever sat through your child’s Music class and wished you could talk a little more about the music piece he or she is trying to learn? Or maybe at an Art Museum, where you had a similar feeling? Or are you someone who loves to talk about Beethoven and Aaron Copland in the same breath as you talk about Van Gogh and Ansel Adams? Perhaps none of the above is true, and you are just someone who wants to participate more actively in your child’s class, like doing a project together. If, however, any of the above applies to you, then FAME program is for you.


What is FAME?

FAME (Fine Arts Mini Experience) is an all-volunteer led program which takes your students through a journey of Art and Music within the boundaries of their own school and classrooms.


Volunteer Experience   

No prior experience or knowledge in Fine Arts is required. Volunteers will be given all the required material and training.


How is it done?   

FAME experience is delivered through 6 different sessions which are held once in a month within the classrooms. Each session is dedicated to one famous Composer and Artist each. During these sessions, you will teach the students to appreciate the Art a little more by explaining the elements of the art. This is usually done by completing an Art Activity together in which the class will get to use a “technique” of that Artist to create something of their own.


How much time do I need to spend?

The first FAME session will be held in Oct. FAME committee will work with the teachers and the volunteers to publish a calendar for the year. There will be 6 sessions in each year. Each session should be 40 minutes long.


If there is more than one volunteer for a given class room, then they can divide the time amongst themselves. All the required training material and supplies will be given to the volunteers prior to the session.


Please sign up to a classroom of your choice on the sign up sheet!


Fame Volunteers needed Signed Up: 26 / 117

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