FAME social group and Training Night
Thu, Sep 21 1:41pm
Mission Valley Elementary School

Dear Fellow Parents,

We have created a Social group for

Fine Arts Mini Experience (FAME) . FAME provides art/music enrichment for the students. Parents introduce artwork of famous artists to the kids by presenting/speaking and doing some related activities with the kids . Kids develop keen interest in art/ music and tend to appreciate/critic the art pieces.

6 sessions in academic year

45 min session

Training to volunteers and materials provided.

Few parents have already signed up as FAME parents. They would require a team to get the benefits delivered to the kids.

Please join in to participate in this fun activity for the kids.

FAME Training Night coming up on Tuesday , October 3rd from 6:30 pm to 8 pm in MUR.

Please join in to get more information.


Asmita Saxena

Gita Rai