Get Fit Week Donations Update
Tue, Mar 30 8:34pm

Hello Mission Valley Elementary Families. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring day! MVSA has an update for you about our Get Fit Week Fundraiser which we held last week in lieu of Jog-a-thon. 


So far we have almost collected 50% of our $50,000 goal. We've raised $24,906 and 28% of our students' friends or families have made donations (158 out of 561 students).


Even though the activities are finished, donations can still be made at until Sunday April 4th.


If you have not made a donation yet or have not sent your child's pledge page to family or friends, please do so soon. Every dollar amount will help us continue to fund the things we do annually in addition to all the things we will be needing in preparation for returning to school in person. The 99Pledges page lists out some of these important things. Please log on and check it out!


Let's get to 100% student participation!


Here is a breakdown of how our teams are doing so far:

$3,145 - Team Aidun

$2,680 Team Bettencourt

$2,005 - Team Smith

$1,940 - Team Bond

$1,660 Team Sonoda

$1,640 Team Horning

$1,261 Team Brahaney

$1,090 Team Wittmer

$980 - Team Bowe

$845 - Team Treichler

$740 - Team Denton

$725 - Team Brillo

$700 - Team Lopez

$650 - Team Pesek

$625 - Team Rivera

$560 - Team Shanteau
$500 - Team Mac Donald
$450 - Team Wong
$420 - Team School
$260 - Team Maryman
$260 - Team Carson
$250 - Team Buckler
$100 - Team Pastrana
$100 -Team Bock
$0 - Team Sustachek


Thank you to all the staff, parents, families and friends that have already contributed. MVSA appreciates your support!