Get Fit Week Flip Grids
Sun, Mar 21 8:45pm

Get active and help support our school!

 All students have their own donation page already created on - Search for the student name in the search box then donate on their individual page.
Students/families can share their get fit week activities via Flipgrid. There is one for each day and they are timed to open on the particular day and all close March 28.

Day two:

Day three:

Day Four:

Day Five:


Each school day during Get Moving Week, there will be a few options of activities to choose from:

Monday March 22nd - Dance or hula hoop to your favorite music for 20 minutes

Tuesday March 23rd- Shoot hoops, bounce a ball or juggle for 20 minutes

Wednesday March 24th- Walk, Jog or run one mile or more

Thursday March 25th- Bike, ride a scooter or skateboard for 20-30 minutes

Friday March 26th- Hop, skip or play hopscotch for 20 minutes


Thank you for your support.


With Gratitude,

MVSA Executive Board