Important Notice about Student Portrait Uploading for Yearbook
Mon, Jan 4 3:07pm

Hi MV parents,


If you have uploaded the student portrait to the class portrait folder, please make sure that you have named the portrait as " Rm#_Student's Full Name". We found quite a few pictures without correct naming, which we cannot recognize. Please go back to the shared class portrait folder and rename the portrait accordingly if you did not name it correctly. You can rename the portrait directly on the shared Google Drive folder. The deadline for correction is 1/31/2021.


If you have not uploaded the student portraits, please note that we have asked your teacher to forward the link to the shared Google Drive folder for your class portraits to all the parents. Some teachers may include the information in the Friday letter before the winter break. Please take a portrait of your kid as required,  and upload it to your class portrait folder by 1/31/2021. Please contact your teacher if you have not received the link to the shared Google Drive folder for the portraits. Here are the notes to parents about the portrait uploading. 


Notes to Parents:
1) The student portraits are necessary for the yearbook. If you don't upload the student's portrait, your child won't show up on the Class Portrait Page in the yearbook.
2) The portrait should be from the waist up, just like the portraits in the old yearbooks.
3) The portrait picture should be of good quality and full size. 
4) A DSLR camera like Canon or Nikon is preferred to be used for the portraits while a phone camera of good quality is fine.
5) The portrait should be named as " Rm#_Student's Full Name".
6) The deadline for portrait submission is 1/31/2021.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Best regards,
Yearbook Chair