Important Notice about Student Portrait Uploading for Yearbook
Sun, Jan 31 8:23pm

Hi MV parents,


Please upload the student's portrait to the shared Class Portrait folder for your classroom if you have not done so. You should have received the link from your teacher. If you cannot find the link, please contact Yearbook Committee for help. The deadline for portrait uploading is extended to Feb 07, 2021.


This is the last call for student portraits. If you don't upload the student's portrait, your child won't show up on the Class Portrait Page in the yearbook.


Please note that:

1) the portrait should be named as "Rm#_Student's full name".

2) the portrait should be of JPEG format. Please avoid HEIC format which the Lifetouch website won't accept.

3) a parent's Google account is needed for portrait uploading. The student's account is not allowed to access the shared Google Drive folder per FUSD policy.

4 )the portrait should be from the waist up, just like the portraits in the old yearbooks.

Yearbook Committee