KAH - Thank you!! $5086 raised and the winner of duct tape challenge is....
Thu, Oct 3 - Mon, Oct 28
Mission Valley Elementary School
14 days before, 10 days before

A heartfelt thank you to all the students and parents for helping us raise $5086 for Kids Against Hunger.


The classrooms with the most donations are -

Room 21 - $581

Room 25 - $597

And the class which gets to duct tape Ms. Mapelli is ...

Room 24 - $654 



Our students did an amazing job yesterday and packed 13,824 meals. The kids were so excited and had so much fun packing the meals which will be given to those in need in the Alameda county by Abode Services! We are so proud of our kids for being involved in such a great cause.


Please encourage the kids to raise more money this week to reach our goal of covering the cost of the meals packed by us.


Here is a video and some pictures from the event -




Prep for the event -




Students were coming up to us to tell us how they raised money for Kids Against Hunger. We heard of chores being done, bake sales and lemonade stands in the neighborhood and money being donated out of the piggy bank or their allowance. A lot of parents have been very generous  as well. 


Don’t forget - the class with the highest donation amount gets to duct tape Ms. Mapelli to the wall!! (please denote the classroom # on your donations)


Kids Against Hunger Fremont chapter is completely run by unpaid volunteers. The core team comprises of moms of students in FUSD and retired Fremont teachers. So every single penny donated by you goes towards the expenses for buying and packing the meals.


Thank you so much for your support!!!


Donation deadline is 10/28/2019.

  • Provide 100 Meals to Hungry Tummies for $25
  • Donate via Check (Payable to Kids Against Hunger), Cash or PayPal at https://www.paypal.me/kahfremont (Please denote 10/22/19 Mission Valley Event, Classroom#, Student Name in the PayPal comment)


Please send the cash or checks to the classroom.



Thank you for your generous donations!