Looking for volunteers for MVE 2017-18 Year Book
Thu, Feb 1
Mission Valley Elementary School

Happy Holidays, Mission Valley Families. We have a super fun job for you.  We need 5 volunteers to help with the 2017-2018 Yearbook.  Volunteers will be guided before they start to design 6 pages of year book in February.  All work will be completed online at home. Volunteers must have access to internet access and personal desktop or laptop to complete the job.   If you are willing to help, please sign up.


We are also looking for Chair and Co-Chair for 2018-19 Yearbook Committee.  If you sign up now, you can shadow our existing chairs to understand the process.


Have a great weekend!




Volunteers for page design-online web design for 6 yearbook pages Signed Up: 5 / 5

Thu, Feb 1

2018 Yearbook Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

2018 Yearbook Co-chair Signed Up: 1 / 1