MVSA Open Board Position
Sun, May 31 10:00pm
4 days before

Dear Mission Valley Parents,


We have Vice President position open for next school year (2020-2021).  The person will serve for two years, being elected by the MVSA members.


If you are interested in this position, please email at


This is a great opportunity for getting involved and making a difference.


The elections will be held at the next MVSA meeting on June 9, 2020.



MVSA Board  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Duties of Elected Officer


  1. in the absence of the President, to act in place and stead for the transaction of any and all business at any meeting of the MVSA, the Board of Directors, or the Executive Board
  2. to sign all documents and contracts requiring the Vice-President’s signature, and in the absence of the President, to sign documents and contracts requiring the President’s signature, including orders upon the treasury
  3. in the event of vacancy of the President’s office or disability of the President, to assume the duties of the President until the end of their term of office (or the disability, if shorter)
  4. to organize and manage the membership/donation drives, including the maintenance of the membership list
  5. to coordinate the parent volunteers with the individual committees and ensuring each committee has a willing, qualified chairperson
  6. to perform all other duties usually incident to the office or assigned by the Board of Directors.
  7. if the vice-president office is being shared by two people, the elected persons will work together in regards to the responsibilities listed in Article VII, Section 3, a-f.