Maze Day Volunteers
Tue, Aug 27
Mission Valley Elementary School MUR

Hello Mission Valley Parents,


We need a few volunteers to help out tomorrow on Maze day.  We are looking for volunteers to pass out flyers, collect donation, get student sign ups for programs like Math Olympiad,  parent volunteer signups for FAME, KAH, Halloween etc.  Please come by and help us out. 


You do not have to be there for the entire morning or afternoon shift. Please mention in the signup the time slot you are available.


Morning shift: 8:15 - 11:00am

Afternoon shift: 12:30 -3:15pm


ANY amount of time you can spare will  be  greatly appreciated and will immensely help us in connecting you better with your child's school.


Thank you!

Mission Valley School Association (MVSA)


Morning Shift Signed Up: 4 / 8

Tue, Aug 27
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Afternoon Shift Signed Up: 4 / 8

Tue, Aug 27
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