Please assign your child's classroom in Konstella
Tue, Sep 8 10:11am

Dear Parents,


At the beginning of new school year all students are removed from their old classrooms in Konstella. The parents are responsible for re-assigning the new classroom that their child has been placed in. This step is extremely important since there are certain events that are specific to a grade level and we do not send out school wide announcements for those events. 


If your child is not assigned to the correct classroom in Konstella then you might not receive some messages even if they are relevant to your child.


Please take a few minutes to update the classroom(s) for your child(ren). 

Steps to do this are below:

1) Log-in to Konstella 

2) Click on your name in the upper left hand corner.

3) A drop-down menu will appear.  Click on "Your Children."

4) A  window will open giving you the option to "change classroom" "join a classroom" and "add child".  Click on all that apply and follow prompts to add or change information.

5) A list will appear with all classrooms by teacher. Select classroom and click SAVE.


This will ensure you get all communication for your classroom.


Thank you!