Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4th - May 8th)
Mon, May 4 - Fri, May 8 8:00pm
Mission Valley Elementary School
2 days before


COVID-19 distance learning makes this school year unlike any other. In these challenging  and unprecedented times,  teacher appreciation week is a great time to express our gratitude to the teachers.


Here are a few ideas -

  • Send a personal e-card to honor your teacher and their hard work (https://www.hallmarkecards.com/ecards/collections/teacher)
  • Make a video about why your child and family are thankful for your teacher and send it to your teacher. If you’re are a little camera-shy, creating a voice recording to say thank you is just as meaningful.
  • Write an email to your child’s teacher expressing your gratitude for all they’ve done this year, especially while adapting to remote teaching and learning.
  • Send your teacher a virtual gift card to thank them for all they do.

Please ask your child(ren) to show their appreciation in whatever way they feel comfortable.