Yearbook Calls for Pictures of 100-Day Celebration, Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day
Fri, Jan 28 2:27pm

Hi parents,


Yearbook will cover the February events including 100-Day Celebration, Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) and Valentine's Day. You are welcome to share pictures. We will try to publish them as long as they are of good quality.


Notes for the picture uploading: 

1) Only pictures of good quality will be published.

2) Only pictures of JPG or PNG formats are accepted.  The pictures from iPhone and iPad may be of HEIC format. Please convert them to JPG format before uploading.

3) A Google account is needed for picture uploading to the shared folders. All the shared folders have been set to be accessible by link. If you cannot access the shared folder, your Google account may not work. Please try to use another account or try to fix the problem.


Here are the links to the shared folders for picture uploading.


100-day Celebration
Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year)
Valentine's Day
Thank you!
Yearbook Committee