Yearbook Needs More Pictures
Sun, Jan 17 1:42am

Hi all,


Yearbook needs more event pictures (please note that this is different from the portrait pictures we asked for before, and please refer to our previous announcement for information about the portrait pictures). The event pictures  are for event pages in the yearbook, such as Halloween, Diwali, Lunar New Year, Kindergarten's 100-Day Celebration, and Dr. Seuss's Birthday etc.


Here are the links to the shared Google Drive folders for different events. Please upload pictures to the corresponding folders if you have any. The deadline for event picture submission is 2/28/2021.


1) Winter Holidays

If you have pictures related to the winter holidays, like Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year Day etc., please upload to the shared Google Drive folder below.


2) Halloween

If you have more Halloween pictures, you can still upload them.


3) Diwali

More Diwali pictures are welcome.


4) Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year)

Please upload the pictures about Lunar New Year celebration here.


5) Kindergarten's 100- Day Celebration

This event will happen in early February for kindergarteners. Please take pictures and upload them here.


6) Spirit Week

If you have pictures about the Spirit  Week, please upload them here.


7) Valentine's Day Events


8) Dr. Seuss' Birthday

This folder is for pictures about Dr. Seuss' Birthday. (The deadline for this event pictures is March 15, 2021)


9) St. Patrick's Day


10) Easter


Thank you very much!


Yearbook Committee