What is FAME?

FAME is structured as a school wide elementary school program designed to familiarize students with well- known arts, composers and their works. The content is present by focusing on specific art and music elements as parts of composition and by providing a connection, be it life experiences or artistic similarities of featured arts to which contemporary young people may relate. Social studies/ history is integrated into all lessons. This exposure helps students in understanding that art reflects history and nature as well as human experience. Each lesson consists of one famous Composer and one Artist.


What do our kids say about FAME?

Kids love the FAME program as it is so much fun! When Etta, who is currently in 6th grade, visited metropolitan Museum last year, she was so excited when she was able to find the art pieces of the artists which were introduced in the FAME program.


Calling volunteers for our FAME program

FAME was originally designed as a program for parent volunteers acting as docents. The more the parent involved, the greater the changes there are for a successful FAME program. In order to enrich the lives of our kids with art and music, pls come to join us. No prior knowledge and No teaching experience is required. You can help us by preparing the slides at home or presenting in the class. We especially need volunteers for 2nd and 3rd graders this year. Here is the link to sign up.



Positions (1/1 filled)

Committee Co-Chair Signed Up: 2 / 2