Gator on the Go! Dance-A-Thon!
Fri, Mar 17 11:00am-3:00pm
Monocacy Elementary -Gym
7 days before, 5 days before, 2 days before, 1 day before

The Gator on the Go! Dance-A-Thon is going to be a blast!


Our goal is to have this be our final fundraiser of the year!  To replace selling items (bags, wrapping paper, etc)  We think the kids will have a great time at this special event all while helping MOES!


How it Works:


* Students will collect pledges.  Every student who collects at least (1) pledge can participate.  

*Pledges can be collected 2 ways.  The pledge sheets that came home 2 weeks ago (can also be printed below) and returned to school by March 13. OR via our online pledge page.  Parents can share their child's page via social media and email. (email for your child's page)

*On March 17, the students who are participating will go to the gym during their grades scheduled time period.  During this time kids will dance to their favorite songs all while helping their school!

*The top 30 pledge collectors will be invited to attend an ice cream party after the Dance-A-Thon!

*The teacher whose class collected the most money will be awarded a $25 Target gift card! (It is a tie between a Kindergarten and a 5th Grade class at the moment!!)


* This can be a very successful fundraiser!  MOES will retain 100% of all cash and check pledges and 90% of all online pledges!  


If there are any questions please email Arynne Dahl at