**ACTION NEEDED: Help with Yearbook Finalization**
Sun, May 2 6:15pm
The yearbook team is wrapping up our unique yearbook for this year, and we've gathered a few frequently asked questions.  Most importantly, please see question #3 and submit a portrait of your student if it wasn't taken by the official photographer.  We'd love to include everyone!!
1. Haven't ordered your yearbook yet?  There's still time!  Please visit www.treering.com/validate and enter the school passcode 101460570268882 to order. Yearbooks are $25.   
2. I've ordered my yearbook, so when are my custom pages due?  Each student's family has the option to create a 2-page custom spread (prints only in the student's yearbook) at no additional charge.  These pages should be finalized by Friday, May 7th.
3. My student wasn't able to have his/her portrait taken by the school photographer.  Can he/she still be included in the yearbook?  YES! We need portraits! On the TreeRing app, Step 3 on the home screen is “Add a Recent Portrait of Student”.  Click here and choose the location of the picture.  You’re done!  Prefer to upload the picture from your computer?  Follow these instructions Upload a Portrait Photo of Your Child  Please use a simple neutral background in the picture for best results.
4. I have some great pictures of Band, classroom activities, family trips, etc.  Is it too late to upload?  NO!  Please upload to the shared folders in TreeRing by Friday, May 7th.
5. I have questions about purchasing or uploading pictures.  Who do I contact? Please email the yearbook team at MDEYearbooks@gmail.com.