Fri, Aug 3 11:16pm
Mt. Diablo Elementary


TK, K & 1st are asking for cash donations for supplies.
2nd and 3rd supplies are specific to each classroom, so it's best to wait until you know your child's teacher before ordering. 
4th and 5th supplies are grade wide.
To view the supply lists click here.

This year, one-click online school supply ordering is available through yubbler.com.  Yubbler school supply orders are shipped next day, so as long as you order by August 12, you will get your supplies in time for the first day of school.  

Please see instructions below to assist you in your ordering.  These instructions can also be found on the PFC website http://www. mtdiabloelementarypfc.org.  If you have questions, volunteers will be available at Prep Day to assist you or you can email mdepfceducation@gmail. com

School Supply Ordering Instructions
Click the link Mt. Diablo Elementary to find the school supplies for your child's classroom. If you order directly from the Yubbler website, you will receive free next day shipping to your home (a minimum of $25 is required to order). Ordering school supplies through the Yubbler website earns money for our school.  

Yubbler sources supplies from Office Depot and their supplies are competitively priced.  This is a convenient way to get all the school supplies you need delivered directly to your home, as opposed to shopping at multiple stores.  If you do not wish to order through Yubbler, however, you can print the supply list and purchase elsewhere.

Each school supply list on the Yubbler website is organized in the following sections:

1. Supplies sent home - Items in the section are all requested by your child's teacher.  Clicking the "Add Full List" button adds all of these items to your cart.
2.  Additional list items -  These are items requested on your supply list, but parents may already have them so you will have to add these items manually. 
3.  Buy Separately - These are not included in the online ordering package and need to be purchased separately.  These are items that are typically reused and parents may already have these items at home.